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Our Mission

Mission statement - to support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education by providing educational and financial support to local high school students at Walt Whitman High School participating in robotics based competitions at the local and national levels.

About Us

Team 1389 - The Body Electric, had our rookie year in 2004. The team started with only a few students and one teacher as an after school extra-curricular activity. Since then, the team has grown to over 50 students students and 10 mentors, still running as an after-school extra-curricular activity at Walt Whitman High. Team 1389 has expanded over the years and for the last several years has run a year-round program. In the Fall, team members work with mentors to learn and/or increase their knowledge base. This is done through demonstrations, hands on learning, building and attending tech lectures provided by mentors. Having this learning time has been invaluable to the team so that build seasons are able to be started with many members having build knowledge as well as FIRST knowledge.

Team 1389 participates in many robotics demonstrations; we host open lab evenings for the larger community, attend events such as KIDFest, and visit preschools, elementary, and middle schools to bring the excitement of FIRST and robotics to many. In the past four years, Team 1389 has been host to 3 FRC District events and 2 FTC events and plans to host more events.

Our Work


First Robotics Competition


First Tech Challenge


KIDfest, Maryland STEM Festival, and more

Our Divisions


Designing, CADing, and making parts


Programming the math and logic to conduct tasks


Create, maintain, and repair any wires or electrical components


Working to present what we've done


Bringing the excitement online


Gathering data and interpretation 

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