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There are lots of awards that can be earned at FIRST competitions.  They have an award that celibates greatness in nearly every aspect of FIRST. Some of these awards are judged only at the event based on how the team performs, acts... continue reading


CAD or Computer-Aided Design is one of the most critical things your team can do to become more successful.  CAD enables your team to be more efficient and effective with the limited time and financial resources of FRC...continue reading

Programming allows everything to happen by sending commands and ensuring that the various systems work together in coherence. 

Computer Programming

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This is a public set of resources we are capturing to help students and mentors from any program. Here you will find expert advice and presentations about club organization, fundraising, technical resources, mechanisms and their functions, and mechanical design. The documentation and links you will find here are both original as well as sourced from other programs and organizations. Please feel free to use as you see fit or recommend changes to our content.

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